Friday, March 29, 2013


Today's Weight: 191.0, -3.6 lbs from last week
Total loss: -93.6

WOW! A nice drop from last week. What did I do differently than the week before? I made smarter choices. Nick & I have decided to only eat out once a week, with a few exceptions, like special occasions. Since Thursdays are my weigh-in day, I usually choose that day to eat out after I weigh in. It's my "cheat" day. & by cheat day, I don't mean I eat everything in site and whatever I want, etc. I still track all the junk I'm eating and let me tell you. It's better that you do because you'll see you probably wouldn't want to eat like this every day. WW gives you a daily Points Plus target, then on top of that you get an additional 49 weekly points, that you can use all in one day or use it all week, but they're use or lose it. I can also earn activity points, which for the 5 years I've been on WW, I have never ever done...until now! I got WW new ActiveLink & I'm really excited about it!

I didn't post yesterday because I wanted to finish my assessment for the ActiveLink, it takes 8 days and it monitors you and your movement. After the 8 days, it gives you challenges so that it helps you increase your activity and it tracks your activity points for you! At the start of the assessment, it tells you NOT to increase your activity during the assessment, it wants to monitor your current routine so that it can see what you're currently doing and challenge you to do more than that. I was going to steal images from google and post them here so that you can see but I thought maybe that's not a good idea. I'll post pictures in a few days or you can google search ActiveLink if you're interested.

If you're anything like me, activity is hard. I have to really want to do it and most times I don't. First of all guys. Don't EVER get a personal trainer. Waste of freaking money. I've been going for almost a year and I have very little results, except for I'm a little bit stronger but let's face it, for $50 a month, I wanna look like I'm going to F you up. JK, I don't want to be buff, I just want to tone my body. I like being at the gym, I would say going but going to the gym is the problem I have most times. Once I get there, I'm good and I feel great afterwards. I want to increase my activity, not just my gym time. I am looking to go at least 3 times a week. It's warming up so I also want to start riding my bike and going on walks. This is an open invitation for anyone who has similar interests, to join me! Buddies are great!

How are you going to be more active?

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