Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stressed spells desserts backwards.

Today's Weight: 194.6. Maintained from last.
Total loss: -90lbs.

WHOO! This week has definitely been super stressful! I've been running around like crazy, very little sleep & just too much stuff to do in very little time!

I'm very happy with myself that I maintained this week! As much as I wanted to grab junk food and eat in the car on the way home, I didn't. I knew I was going to be running around so I packed snacks, like a bag of carrots or an apple and threw them in my bag. Usually when I am tired, I make poor decisons. Like not packing a lunch so I can sleep in for 15 more mins then either go hungry (never a good option) cuz I'm broke or go get something cheap and delicious or worse, just buy a candy bar at work and eventually pig out later because I'm so hungry. All bad.

What I took away from this, something that I already knew but had forgotten: I won't always have a fantastic week, I won't always lose, but maintaining is a success too! I may not have been successful at the scale but I was aware of what I did and tried to correct it.

What I will try in the future: If I know that I am going to be swamped like I was this week, maybe try packing lunches the night before.

My goal this week: track one more day than the week before until I can do the whole week, consistently.

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